Honey Calcite Metaphysical Properties

Calcites have the potential to be potent cleanser and can be energisers to one’s aura. Particularly honey calcite has an powerful energy connection with the sun, which has been shown to have therapeutic and antidepressant properties. This stone is highly valued by reiki practitioners, who make use of the stone to release energy without having it affect their lives.
The crystal can make one feel confident and energized, which in turn lets them radiate that energy no matter where they travel. crystal stone This crystal can assist in getting rid of personal blocks.
Calcite is a mineral which is an extremely durable form of calcium carbonate. whereas citrine is naturally found. Both are abundant in the Earth, however they differ on a number of aspects including those of Mohs hardness scale, the cleavage and symmetry, in addition to other things.
Citrine can be found as a natural or processed citrine that has been processed and natural. There are some that alter iron’s color. They are very similar to honey and yellow calcite, in their appearance, color, and appearance. crystal beads for jewelry making